Pit Bull Attacks Child

July 23 , 2012 In: Uncategorized

It astonishes me that people actually search for videos of dogs attacking ANYTHING, but they do.  That’s where I come in…

I get a lot of flack for my misleading video titles.  Clearly, Suvi is not “attacking” this child (who happens to be my nephew).  I get comments from angry YouTubers suggesting that they got betrayed because my dog(s) were not actually attacking anyone and that I should change the title of my videos.  There are many videos throughout YouTube with misleading titles and I’ll admit, I get annoyed when I search the “official” video for my favorite band or the “official” trailer for an upcoming movie I want to see and I end up watching a grainy video from someone who pointed a video camera at their home television.  These people are obviously just looking to get views.

This is different.

27.8 million people have watched Ramsey, Pablo and Suvi on YouTube and I couldn’t care less.  Don’t get me wrong – I want people to enjoy my videos.  It never gets old reading comments or emails from people who tell me that Ramsey, Pablo and Suvi helped them through the loss of a family pet.  Or from college students who are away at school and these videos got them through an extended time away from their own dog.  But the greatest satisfaction I get from posting all these videos is when people tell me that they or their parents were previously misinformed about dobermans or pit bulls or even chihuahuas and that my videos helped them see just how great these breeds truly are.  So the idea that someone stumbles upon my videos when searching for a doberman attack to reaffirm their breed prejudice and realizes just how wrong they’ve been all this time gives me enough reason to continue mislead people…in a good way.  Enjoy the video!

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Chihuahua Uses Superpowers to Feed Starving Dogs

July 8 , 2012 In: Uncategorized

Thanks to Super Pablo, no doggies will go hungry tonight. Comments welcome below.

Talking Chihuahua Demands a Treat

July 8 , 2012 In: Uncategorized

He may or may not have deserved this treat, but he does a real good job of convincing me that he does!

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A New Life for Lexie

July 1 , 2012 In: Uncategorized

So this is where I take advantage of Ramsey, Pablo and Suvi’s internet following and shamelessly ask you to help me. Well, not me.  A friend.  Over the last couple weeks I’ve been following her blog which chronicles her heartbreaking struggle to save the life of her nine year old Doberman, Lexie. I won’t go into the details because I’ll undoubtedly get that lump in my throat that I hate so much. Instead I’ll let you read her blog, A New Life for Lexie, if you feel so inclined.  If not, you can just trust me that Lexie and her owner Courtney could use our help.   These last few days have been nothing short of tragic, yet Lexie’s owner Courtney has stayed extremely positive in circumstances that would’ve destroyed me.

I should add that Courtney has not asked me to do this.  In fact, she has no idea and would probably tell me not to.   I just know that she is spending a lot of time and money to save her best friend – something I can absolutely appreciate and respect.  The medical bills are stacking up and no one plans for circumstances like these so please, please consider giving up a few spare dollars to help her pay for Lexie’s surgery if you can.  I’ve set up a Chip-In account for the cause and will personally see that Lexie gets all the donations in the name of  “Friends of Ramsey, Pablo and Suvi”.  She will also be able to see each of your individual donations on our Chip-In account.

For updates to this story, you can follow Courtney’s blog.  Check back here periodically to see how much money we’ve raised!  I will likely post updates to this on Ramsey, Pablo and Suvi’s Facebook Page as well.


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The Whole Crew

June 13 , 2012 In: Uncategorized

We posed for a family photo while filming for Animal Planet last month.

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